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BGP Notification Message

A BGP notification message is sent when an error condition is detected by the BGP process. The TCP connection with that BGP peer is closed after sending the notification message. Usually, the BGP process will log this notification in syslog, … Continue reading

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BGP: Uses TCP port number 179. Peer Type: External BGP session: Two BGP routers in different AS networks. TTL set to 1. Internal BGP session: Two routers in same AS networks. TTL value set to default 64. BGP states: Idle: … Continue reading

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BGP scan-time

By default, BGP performs an internal check(scans) the next-hop reachability of BGP routes every 15 sec. we can change it using “bgp scan-time”. same command with “import” options can be used to detect changes in vpnc4 routes and hence result … Continue reading

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MPLS BGP update Packet

Here is a closer look at the MPLS BGP update packet which carries VPN label, RD and extended communities like BGP cost, RT and Site of Origin attribute (SoO) when MPLS iBGP neighbor is formed, Labelled VPN capability is negotiated … Continue reading

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