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Configuring NIC Teaming in Linux

Link Bonding/NIC Teaming – In some scenarios, to increase the bandwidth we may need to bundle two or more physical interfaces to a single virtual bonding interface on the host. Below steps show how to configure link bonding (also called … Continue reading

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tcpdump – to dump the network traffic in Linux platforms. Format: “tcpdump <options> <expressions>” · By default, ‘tcpdump’ will dump traffic on first found lowest numbered interface from the list and continues to dump packets unless a stop signal is … Continue reading

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Cisco IOS Tree

Below link has good information about the IOS image numbering, available packages and naming process. http://www.cisco.com/web/about/security/intelligence/ios-ref.html

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Private VLAN: Concept and Cisco IOS/F10 configuration

Why we need private VLAN: All hosts in a single VLAN can communicate with each other via L2. There may be situations where we need hosts in a vlan shouldn’t communicate with each other in the same VLAN. Example: In … Continue reading

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Junos/IOS RSVP tunnel configuration

root@Juniper> show configuration interfaces em0 { unit 0 {

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