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NPG (NPIV Proxy Gateway) Mode Vs Full Fabric Mode in FCoE

In this article, I will be discussing about two different modes that an FCF switch can operate in FCoE topology. FCF(FCoE Forwarder) is a switch that supports both Ethernet(FCoE) functionality like FIP, DCBx, LAN protocols and FC(Fiber Channel) functionality like … Continue reading

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Port names in FC/FCoE Topology

Following are most common port names used in FC/FCoE Technology: N_port(Node port)/VN_port: Ports on end host(i:e HBA) and storage array(target port) are called as N_port in FC topology. Called as VN_port in FCoE terminology. HBA’s that handles IP traffic are called … Continue reading

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Configuring Qlogic CNA for FCoE on an ESXi Host

This article is about how to configure FCoE functionality on Qlogic CNA card-QL8262 installed on a Dell PowerEdge R720 server running ESXi 5.5. QL8262 is dual port CNA card that supports LAN, iSCSI and FCoE. Configuring Qlogic FCoE card on an … Continue reading

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