Linux Networking


Most commonly used network commands in Linux:

  • Tcpdump   

  • netstat

  • route

  • ifconfig

  • ping

  • traceroute

  • nmap

  • dig

    • DNS lookup utility with more options. Queries all DNS servers in the list.
    • Options are given with + sign. Eg: “dig +tcp” uses TCP connection to DNS server to resolve the name.
  • nslookup

    • Query the DNS server to get IP address for a hostname.
    • Format “nslookup <hostname>  [DNS server IP]”
    • DNS server list will be in “/etc/resolv.conf” file.
  • To check routing table:

    • netstat –rn
    • route –n
  • To check arp Table:

    • arp –a
  • Curl

  • hping

  • All network related files will be in “/proc/net” folder

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