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BGP Notification Message

A BGP notification message is sent when an error condition is detected by the BGP process. The TCP connection with that BGP peer is closed after sending the notification message. Usually, the BGP process will log this notification in syslog, … Continue reading

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Junos/IOS L3 VPN configuration

<Juniper PE router configuration> ## Topology diagram at the end ## root@Juniper> show configuration routing-instances

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Junos sample BGP configuration

root> show configuration routing-options graceful-restart; ## To enable GR globally static { route next-hop; } autonomous-system 65020 loops 2; ## Local router AS number and local router is allowed to see its AS number twice in AS path.

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BGP: Uses TCP port number 179. Peer Type: External BGP session: Two BGP routers in different AS networks. TTL set to 1. Internal BGP session: Two routers in same AS networks. TTL value set to default 64. BGP states: Idle: … Continue reading

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