Accessing HomePC from Anywhere[without traffic passing through a third-party app]

  • Create a free account with a Dynamic DNS service like and configure it in the modem. This step is to link dynamically assigned IP from your service provider to a static name.
  • Install any remote sharing app like VNC server, ultraVNC, windows RDP in the HomePC.
  • Configure static DHCP allocation in the wireless router such that same local IP is assigned/reserved to HomePC.

  • Configure port forwarding in the wireless router. So, “public_IP:A_port” should map to “internal_HomePC:VNC_server_port”. For security reason it is better to have A_port and server_port as different.
  • For additional security purpose, configure VNC server such that it would lock the HomePC after a viewer is disconnected.
  • To power-on PC, as and when needed, Wake On Lan feature can be used. Need to set on both BIOS and OS level. Works better with wired connection than wireless.
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