Installing ESXi on a Bare-metal Dell Server

  • Quick way to install ESXi on a Dell server is via iDRAC(a management console pre-built with all Dell Poweredge servers).
  • Download ESXi hypervisor iso image from vmware download page to your laptop.
  • On a Bare-metal Dell server, after power-on, configure IP address of iDRAC via server LCD panel

  • Once iDRAC IP is configured, access that IP from an IE browser.
    • Ignore the certificate error, if any.
    • Default username/password: root/calvin
  • Once logged in, to get the console of the server, click ‘Launch’ on the virtual console preview. A pop-up window will let you get access to the console;
    • If any problem in getting into virtual console, try to change the plug-in type from ‘Native’ to ‘Java’ in the settings.
    • After above modification, if there is any security access problem reported by java, add the iDRAC IP to security exception list;
      • Control panel -> Java (32 bit) -> Security tab -> Edit site list -> Add https://idrac_ip
  • Once you get the virtual console, click ‘Virtual Media’ and map the downloaded iso image(which is in your laptop) as virtual CD/DVD.  Set ‘Next-Boot’ option to this virtual CD/DVD.
  • After successful installation of ESXi, configure the management network.
    • Using this IP, you can access this ESXi host from vSphere client/vCenter.

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