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  • As JUNOS runs on NetBSD, we need to create a base image which has NetBSD and JUNOS installed on them. We can use this base image as Junos image file in GNS.
  • Detailed steps are given on above links. Download Free NetBSD, patched qemu for windows, TAP interface (from ‘Open VPN’).
  • Create a base image with NetBSD using qemu and partition the OS to accommodate Junos image install on them. Allocate space for root, config, swap region.
  • Install TAP interface to establish communication between PC and the ‘base image’ to download Junos to base image.
  • After downloading Junos to base image, add this package to netbsd. After installing, compress the image file using qemu to save some memory space.
  • Use the above image in GNS as ‘Junos image’. Check whether the paths given to qemu, qemu-img and qemu-wrapper in GNS are correct and test it.
  • Manually add an interface between Juniper router to another juniper/cisco router and run the topology.

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